Apple Youth Tour... a successful finale

For a whole year, Peter Hinssen’s unique collection of Apple products has been displayed in our office.

The concluding tour was reserved for a young audience. Peter, a fervent collector of Apple and related devices, led them through Apple’s evolution. He told the inspiring story of design and art, of focus and perfection, of failure and glory – which mirrors the story of Steve Jobs’ life.

With this initiative, Schelstraete Delacourt Associates aims to make young people aware of the recent revolutionary history of technology and its impact on their future. As an Executive Search partner, we see it as our mission to keep track of future trends and share them with our clients, acquaintances and friends.

The collection is now moving to University College Leuven Limburg and at the initiative of Stijn Bijnens will be on display again at the beginning of next year.

6 November 2016