InterSearch USA visits Belgium

Over the years, InterSearch Belgium has established a tradition of inviting InterSearch Worldwide Partners to Belgium to participate in bilateral meetings. These past few years, we had the opportunity to meet InterSearch India, China and Brazil. This year, we have had the pleasure of welcoming our US Partner, Cook Associates, represented by Mrs. Mary Kier, Managing Director.

The numerous contacts resulting from this visit again illustrated why these visits are a genuine asset to our network; providing invaluable insights for our customers and contacts.

Our annual luncheon was attended by Mr. James Fluker, Counselor for Commercial Affairs to the US Embassy in Brussels. Mrs. Kier’s presentation highlighted the enormous scale and potential of the US market and the deep-rooted tradition in high-level Executive Search Practices.

Our Consultants and Research Team seized the opportunity to garner insights into the American market and Executive Search practices, methodology and approaches.

Our partnership with Cook Associates allows us to give each of our clients with an American reach the most professional guidance in their high-level recruitment needs in the US. We are proud to support them with our market leading expertise and professional standards.

13 October 2014