Talent Award 2012

On 16 February, the Twelfth Annual Schelstraete & Desmedt Talent Award Ceremony was held at the Concert Noble in Brussels.

As in previous years, we could count on the active co-operation of no less than 9 universities and high schools, which each selected a graduate candidate to compete in the overall award competition. The 9 entries were judged on the basis of their scientific value, originality, relevance, form and style.

On the Dutch-speaking side, the award was taken home by Annelies Taveirne with her thesis “Aantrekkelijkheid, persoonlijkheid, en leeftijd in CV screening: het traditioneel CV versus het video CV”. The award winning thesis on the French-speaking side was written by two fellow students, Edwine Goldoni and Sarah Boulanger, with the title “L’impact du support organisationnel perçu et ses conséquences sur le choix d’un représentant syndical en entreprise”.

Building on the momentum established last year we were proud to continue the mentorship program, whereby the elected winners are guided and coached by a seasoned HR professional during one full year. On the Dutch-speaking side, Jan Van Acolyen passed on the sceptre to Myriam Macharis and on the French-speaking side Jean-Maurice Boone succeeded Fabrice Enderlin.

As at previous events, we were honoured that a top selection of HR professionals found the occasion, and the exclusive setting, an exceptional networking opportunity and an ideal platform on which to nurture contacts and make new acquaintances in the ever-evolving world of Human Resources.

The entire evening was hosted professionally by Mrs. Marlène de Wouters .

The most fitting testimony to the exceptional atmosphere can best be captured in the photo library accessible through a separate link on this page.

16 February 2012