Talent Award 2017

The Solvay Library in Brussels was the ideal venue for our 2017 HR Talent Award. In keeping with tradition, the jury awarded two prizes for excellence, one for the best Dutch-language, and one for the best French-language master thesis.

The Dutch-language winner, Sarah Van Hautte (Ugent), devoted her research to a particularly topical subject, i.e. “Langer werken na de pensioenmaatregelen van Michel I: Wens of werkelijkheid?” Jan Van Hootegem (Group HR Director at Vandemoortele) commended her work for its elegant writing style and acute observations. Pierre Braconnier (former VP Employee HR Services at GlaxoSmithKline Biologicals) had the pleasure of awarding the second HR Talent Award to Vanille Bailly (Université de Liège), whose master thesis “Les compétences managériales pour la prévention des risques psychosociaux : Vers le management de proximité ?” scrutinizes well-being on the workfloor. Braconnier was especially impressed by the student’s practical, concluding recommendations, which demonstrate she had a firm grasp of the subject-matter and an astute understanding of the work environment.

25 April 2017