Schelstraete Delacourt, TopProfile Executive Search and Minds&More are joining forces with the launch of the name Capenti

Joining forces to find the best cultural fit 

But there is a subtler aspect to this contrast. When deliberating together on what defines our core business, we concluded it is not necessarily our functional processes that matter. What all subsidiaries of Capenti have in common, is finding people, leaders, who make the difference for our clients. Be it a CXO, a management position or a leading expert, it is crucial that the individuals we assign seamlessly fit into their roles.

What does being part of Capenti mean?

During the past few months, we took the time in defining what Capenti is, what being part of and working with Capenti means. The Shakespearian “What’s in a name?” holds truth: Capenti is not a fancy name hiding an empty box, it is a working team backed up by values and a reason to exist. We found that reason to exist through listening to our clients. With each conversation, it became increasingly evident that the challenges our clients face center on the necessity for enhanced agility and adaptability, combined with difficulties in identifying cultural compatibility.

Addressing these issues lies at the heart of Capenti's mission. We leverage the collective expertise of our three brands to tackle these challenges head-on. Moreover, in today's landscape marked by talent shortage, we are witnessing a convergence between interim and permanent employment. This evolution underscores the need for innovative solutions, a space where Capenti excels. 

A name that marks the start of a new chapter

While our raison d’être is of the biggest importance, the new group name, Capenti, is the result of careful consideration. It is a name we are proud of. Capenti is derived from the Latin word ‘caput’, literally meaning head, but it also implies the start of a new chapter.

On top of being a concise and powerful word, it represents the people, the leaders spearheading operations and projects at our clients, hence backing up our promise of offering the best service. 

At Capenti, we value the right connection

In every scenario, achieving mutual success depends on our thorough understanding of the identity of our clients and candidates. At the core of our approach lies a commitment to cultural alignment. We harness the collective strength of the Capenti subsidiaries to delve into the complexities of our clients’ requirements, delivering a customized service tailored to unique circumstances. Through a blend of entrepreneurial drive and collaborative efforts, we strive to accelerate success.

This does not mean that either Minds&More, Schelstraete Delacourt or TopProfile Executive Search lose their individuality. All three companies excel in their respective domains, and we aim to uphold this standard. By aligning with a flagship entity, each subsidiary can enhance its expertise, network, and resources through collaboration with other members of the group. As a result, we are confident that we can offer our clients the services they need in an improved way, backed up by the Capenti way of working. We joined forces to find the best fit.

Our dedicated team of experts is ready to find the right leader

By founding Capenti, we start writing a new story together. And, we hope, together with many of our trusted clients. Our dedicated team of experts will keep on identifying the right leader while ensuring the best approach to do this.