Research Consultant

As our clients’ strategic partners, we help to install future leaders. Thanks to thorough research and by going beyond traditional recruitment, we are able to equip companies to face their present and future challenges. We are currently looking for Research Consultants to strengthen our team.

What is your role as a Research Consultant?

You will work in a team of Researchers and collaborate closely with a Consultant or Partner. Together you take care of the entire process, from finding the right candidate to signing on the dotted line at the end. Your range of tasks:

  • You are the permanent point of contact for candidates and clients.
  • You determine the recruitment strategy based on parallels with the client or the nature of their business model, or using other factors that determine the profile. 
  • You conduct market studies to track down the best candidates and are responsible for finding and selecting the candidates by telephone.
  • You select candidates at a very high level, paying attention to the complexity of the positions and the environment where candidates will end up. You target a top market selection.
  • You report process in your research to the client using candidate reports and status reports, and learn to make detailed job descriptions.

What can you expect at Schelstraete Delacourt Associates?

  • Work at a high level and contact with top people in our society.
  • A clear view of the business world and contact with today’s and future decision-makers.
  • A dynamic environment and a young team, including engineers, psychologists, economists, historians, linguists and social scientists. 
  • A growing and flourishing company that offers opportunities to its employees.
  • An established market player founded on a research-driven approach.
  • Passion for our profession and eye for innovation.

Sound appealing to you? Contact info@s-d-a.eu!

A day in the life of a headhunter

What does it actually mean to be a headhunter? What do these people do? And what does their day involve? We would like to show you the wonderful world of Executive Search, a search for top profiles to suit our clients’ strategic positions.

9 am: I arrive at the office. Before the first meetings start, I try to call a CEO about a new position. A top candidate on paper, but can I entice him for the position we have in mind? I briefly get hold of him and we agree that I will call again for a more detailed discussion tomorrow evening. That works well for me, as I start later tomorrow and use the evening to screen busy candidates.

9.30 am: I am joining a consultant to visit a client for the briefing of a new vacancy. I quickly grab a cup of coffee, check my mailbox and prepare for the meeting. Meanwhile, I also run through a colleague’s interview report. 

10.30 am: I check that I have a business card with me and off I go to the client together with the consultant. We make good use of the time in the car to call a candidate who had their final meeting with another client yesterday. It looks good and the candidate received an offer – yes, hopefully the mission will soon be accomplished!

12 pm: The client’s briefing goes well and we know what needs doing. On the way back, we already start to brainstorm our recruitment strategy: we decide which sectors and companies we will investigate and which competencies will be essential. It concerns the role of Chief Operations Officer and not everyone in this target audience is simply online, so we can open up the whole register. The candidate needs to have worked in a similar distribution model and be specialised in Industry 4.0, so we must certainly learn more about this, in order to be able to challenge the candidates. We agree that we will send a first job description to the client for approval by the end of the week.

1 pm: But that can wait, because my stomach’s rumbling! Perfect timing, the sandwiches have just arrived. I join my colleagues and we all enjoy a nice lunch outside on our patio. Before returning to the telephone we get some fresh air in the park around the corner. It will be just me and the telephone for the next few hours, as I urgently need to contact some people and screen them for my other searches.

4 pm: I jump at the sound of our ship’s bell. A colleague has been successful with a recruitment assignment and receives an applause. I have just completed a good conversation with a candidate when the consultant with whom I work comes down the stairs with less encouraging news. A candidate that I invited for a meeting, following a telephone screening, turns out not to be appropriate. Although a good marketeer, she lacks experience in the transformation of a push to a pull model, so we will continue our search. A quick refuel with a piece of fruit from our fruit basket.

6 pm: The afternoon flies by, but I can’t get hold of the right candidates. It’s no easy matter finding the combination of perfect experience, the right specialisation and a cultural match. In any case, I shall need to extend my market study in the coming days, more out-of-the-box than the traditional competitors. Maybe with a look at companies in a different sector with a similar distribution model. I stick at it for a little longer, as I would still like to get a result today. It doesn’t take long before I have some luck and I can pack up and go home with a good feeling. That’s the one, I just know it!